Board Members

Lenny Gilleo – President
Dick Margin – Vice President
Raymond Varela – Treasurer
Margie Legg- Secretary

Jewell Smiley – Member-at-Large

Established by the Unit Owners’ Association Governing Documents, the Board of Directors has ultimate financial responsibility for the Association as well as responsibility for the administration and affairs of the community. The Board of Directors also has the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the community, initiate and enforce legal action on the behalf of the community, and take any other actions necessary to ensure the vitality and enjoyment of The Chateaux.

The Board is currently comprised of five members, which are elected each October by the unit owners. Board members serve staggered, 2-year terms as defined by the governing documents. This structure provides the Board with a strong level of operational continuity each year. This Board is dedicated to keeping our costs low, funding our replacement reserves and maintaining our property values. We strive to avoid any special assessments in the future while keeping our property beautifully maintained.

If you have a question for a Board member or issues within the Association that you feel require attention, contact Jan Fenton at Sequoia Management, or us individually or send us all an email – we are easy to reach and here for you.